× Andrew Combs tours Europe with new LP "Sundays" starting next week

Andrew Combs tours Europe with new LP "Sundays" starting next week


Though born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Nashville-based singer-songwriter and artist Andrew Combs can’t say for certain he identifies with any one place in particular. Through years of drawing on ethereal and visceral beauty wherever he can find it, his work is more accurately a measured synthesis of a wide array of “places”: the literal and the figurative, those he has been to and others he has yet to see. His newest full-length album, Sundays, is reflective of those varied places that inform Combs’ creative work.

Written on the heels of a mental breakdown Combs had at Christmas of 2020—amid the long, monotonous grind of an ongoing global pandemic—Sundays came together in Nashville in early 2021. In the wake of this debilitating psychological crack-up, Combs turned to the practice of transcendental meditation to find balance and to, in the words of surrealist director David Lynch, “catch the big fish”. Alongside his collaborators, Jordan Lehning and Dominic Billet, Combs would go into the studio every Sunday, the goal being to capture a song he had penned the previous week as he plumbed the depths of his own heart and mind.

In its own understated way, highlighted by the minimalist sonic palette and Combs’ soft, breathy tenor, Sundays runs the gamut considering the absurdity of human thought and behavior. But, as we make our way through the album, it feels as though an almost-imperceptible progression is happening, a movement toward some kind of resolve, at least, if not peace.

Late this month Andrew Combs starts his European tour in the UK followed by mainland dates.

25/08: Winchester, UK - The Railway Inn
26/08: Hassocks, UK - Mid Sussex Americana Festival
27/08: Lutterworth, UK - The Long Road Festival
28/08: Newcastle, UK - The Cluny
30/08: Biddulph, UK - St Lawrence’s Church
31/08: London, UK - The Grace
01/09: Nottingham, UK - The Chapel at the Angel Microbrewery
03/09: Amen, NL - Tuinconcert Café de Amer
04/09: Oberhausen, DE - Zentrum Altenberg
06/09: Leiden, NL - Q-Bus
07/09: Solingen, DE - Valve Records Studio
08/09: Hengelo, NL - Metropool
10/09: Hamburg, DE - Nochtwache
12/09: Zurich, CH - El Lokal
13/09: Prague, CZ - Café v Lese
14/09: Munich, DE - Heppel & Etlich
16/09: Berlin, DE - Privat Club
17/09: Odense , DK - Nashville Nights International Songwriters Festival

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