Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra tour Europe in May

Rob Heron & the Tea Pad Orchestra are one of the most industrious bands in the UK roots circuit; with thousands of touring miles under their belts, they have earned themselves a sizeable fan base in the UK, Europe and beyond. Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, they play their own brand of Western Swing, [...]

Legendary Shack Shakers announce NL shows, promoting “The Southern Surreal”

Taking in one of the Legendary Shack Shakers‘ thrilling, sometimes terrifying, live performances is akin to witnessing a gospel revival or even a snake-handling ceremony. And for good reason: the Kentucky band’s magnetic leader, vocalist and harmonica maven J.D. Wilkes spent his formative years at a charismatic religious school, where he became obsessed with the [...]

Christopher Paul Stelling hits Europe starting this weekend

The first time you experience Christopher Paul Stelling singing and playing guitar is eye-opening. Stelling’s attack on the nylon-string acoustic guitar is uniquely forceful and it serves his songwriting well on his new album “Labor Against Waste” which was released through ANTI- Records in 2015. Last year has proven to be a watershed year for [...]

Tacocat announces exclusive NL show promoting 3rd studio album

One of the weirdest things humans do is to classify half of all humans as niche. As though women’s shit isn’t real shit—as though menses and horses and being internet-harassed aren’t as interesting as beer-farts and monster trucks and doing the harassing. That’s why Tacocat is radical: not because a female-driven band is some baffling [...]

Joana Serrat added to Sedate’s roster; signs Loose Records

Today Loose Records proudly announces the signing of Joana Serrat. We’re happy to tell you from now on she can be booked through Sedate Bookings. Welcome to Sedate’s roster, Joana Serrat! “Hailing from Vic near Barcelona, Joana is making Loose history in being the first ever Spanish artist to join Team Loose. Her last album [...]

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