THIS WEEKEND: The Urban Voodoo Machine special performances with Delaney Davidson and Graveyard Train PLUS MORE!

This year is shaping up to be a very busy year for The Urban Voodoo Machine. In January they released a two-track 7″ feat. the legendary Wilko Johnson. Last month the release of ‘Pipe and Slippers Man‘ sneakpeaks into the upcoming full album. Today we can tell you this new album ‘Love, Drive & Death’ [...]

ONE show for punk rock veterans Agent Orange in NL this week!


Graveyard Train rolls by NL the coming weeks

Graveyard Train are a six piece collective from Melbourne Australia. The initial idea was for six men to sing in baritone about Werewolves, Vampires, Ghosts and the like over frenetic foot stomping country music. A wacky idea that worked and instantly collected fans across the globe. In the next weeks they’ll also be visiting The [...]

Delaney Davidson travels Europe wíth band this month

In the years since he first surfaced from the depths that spawned him, Delaney Davidson has been one of the most vividly realized characters in New Zealand music. ‘Self Decapitation‘ and ‘Bad Luck Man‘ it seems were paving the way for greater, grittier things to arrive. His new album ‘Swim Down Low‘ out on Outside [...]

The Sonics in Amsterdam next week for ONE show!

Generally The Sonics are seen as one of the founders of garagerock. Catchy choruses, heavily distorted guitars, screaming organs and ripping saxophone solos define the sound of The Sonics. In the 60s they released the albums ‘Here Are The Sonics‘ and ‘Boom‘, both classics of the genre. Next week The Sonics will be back in [...]

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