Hollis Brown embark on month-long European tour starting this weekend

SPIN writes “Hollis Brown make music that sounds just as alive today as it would’ve in 1966 and will 40 years from now.” This should come as no surprise, as principal songwriters Mike Montali (vocals) and Jon Bonilla (lead guitar) grew up listening to the classics. These native New Yorkers were born in the late [...]

Touchdown! Man Or Astro-Man? orbits and lands in The Netherlands

Man Or Astro- Man? will touchdown in The Netherlands again after a truly amazing show at Patronaat, Haarlem last year. This after a space journey of about 13 years! Now they’ve just been space-traveling for little over half a year before landing again. We know of two dropzones and their dates: 27-05-2014: Melkweg, Amsterdam 05-06-2014: [...]

Christopher Paul Stelling tours Europe this month and in August

After a succesful tour in the beginning of this year Christopher Paul Stelling has been invited for a few festivals. The result of this is TWO tours. The first one will start this weekend leading him into the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium. The second one will be in August. Scroll down for all tourdates! [...]

Hackensaw Boys to return to Europe in September + October

Known for their rousing blend of fiddles, banjos, and high harmonies, Hackensaw Boys create a rousing party-pleasing sound that quickly turns any gathering into a scene filled with festive mayhem. It’s a mix that ensures their status as populist heroes, not to mention steady draws on the festival circuit, where they’ve garnered a well-earned reputation [...]

Larry and His Flask announce August tourdates

In any given performance audiences are guaranteed to hear harmonica, contra bass, electric and acoustic guitars, drums, banjo, trombone, trumpet and baritone horn as all five guys trade off instruments mid-song while careening back and forth across the stage in a punk rock ballet of sorts, narrowly avoiding collisions constantly. This is Larry and His [...]

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