Thee Spivs release “The Crowds and The Sounds” and tour Benelux

Thee Spivs announced that they will release their new record with Damaged Goods Records on July 8th. Also, they’ll do some Benelux shows. They are back with their third album in as many years and with “The Crowds and The Sounds” they’ve honed their canny blend of trad punk, garage punk, post punk, new wave, [...]

Cuff The Duke are headed back to Europe

Cuff The Duke are exited to head back to Europe, starting this weekend! In February they released the new album “Union” out on Paper Bag Records. As promised, Union is the second part of a two part album project that stared with the release of “Morning Comes” late last year. The two albums relate lyrically [...]

The Pussywarmers and Réka in The Netherlands this weekend!

After an impressive show at Eurosonic Festival last January The Pussywarmers and Réka will be back in The Netherlands for a couple of shows. Their record label Voodoo Rhythmn compares them with trio that played the Titantic on his one and only voyage. A voyage that we think has been a pleasure until a certain [...]

Jeff Hershey & The Heartbeats “Underground Classics” Tour

After a succesfull first European tour in the fall of 2012, Jeff Hershey & The Heartbeats will be back in Europe for a new run that will lead them through Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Germany. You can expect a good dose of soul music and an incredible live performance from Jeff [...]

A. Tom Collins release “Sticks & Poke” and tour Europe

A. Tom Collins and his band are an act hard to pigeon-hole, navigating the murky swamps of New Orleans R&B and ’60s Soul, and following the cues of diverse influences from Tom Waits and Cab Calloway, to the Stooges and Sam Cooke. A. Tom Collins drops anchor with an impressive crash at each and every [...]

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