Woody & Paul release “Heroes And Zeros” on Cool Buzz on April 15th

Cool Buzz is proud to announce to release the new Woody & Paul album. This is the first time both parties will work together so they’re really thrilled. This will be the fourth Woody & Paul studioalbum which carries the name Heroes and Zeros and will see the light on 15th of April 2011 in [...]

C.W. Stoneking in Germany and Swiss

When Seasick Steve introduced C.W. Stoneking to the stage at the BBC 4’s Folk America festival in London last year he said how he was turned onto him by Charlie Gillett and laughed as he told the audience: “This boy’s lost in the 1920s and 30s. He’s not kind of, he really lost”. What followed [...]

Woody & Paul: record deal, Tivoli Oudegracht and 2 Meter Sessie

As Woody & Paul stated on their facebook page they’ve just signed a record deal! Hopefully we can tell you more details about this very soon. But there is more: tomorrow (on February 16th) they will perform in Tivoli Oudegracht supporting Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan. Also recently Woody & Paul were guests at Jan [...]

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